Aquabandit US

The Aquabandit sizing chart

Aquabandit UK sizing guide/advice.

Using your feedback and testing, I have modified the official sizing chart so that it is easier for you to work out the correct size Aquabandit for your dog at a glance.

SMALL - 14 - 16 inches (35.5 - 40.5 cm)

MEDIUM - 15 - 17 inches (38 - 43 cm)

LARGE - 16.5 - 18.5 inches (42 - 47 cm)

XLARGE - 18 - 20 inches (45.5 - 51 cm)

XXLARGE - 20 - 25 inches (51 - 63.5 cm)

If your measurement is the minimum for that size, it is best to order the size below (not including XXL).

For example, if you measure 16.5 inches then you should order the Medium not the Large. However, if you measure 20 inches then you should order the XXLarge.

Sizing help for the Aquabandit

Measurements refer to the circumference around your dogs head.

For a proper fit please measure tight around the dogs head ensuring the ears will tightly cover the ear canal.

Measure from the top of the head (where the back of the head meets the neck) and around under the jaw (where the jaw meets the neck). Make sure you measure nice and snug.


Place the AquaBandit over your dogs ears.

Making sure the ears are directly over the ear canal.

Secure the Aquabandit tightly under the chin with the velcro strap to ensure a snug and proper fit.

The Aquabandit may have to be readjusted after extended periods of play.

Remove promptly after each use.

*Picture of Louis with his Aquabandit on upside down (thank you for the picture - Marie from Hampshire, UK).